Installation Routine

Ron Parker
Fri Feb 25 00:40:00 GMT 2000

As I sit here waiting for the preview to download so I can work on an
installer, I find myself wondering. Is there any chance of using bzip2
in place of gzip? It would reduce the download size and the resulting
load on which seems to be averaging about 8kB/s
across my cable modem.

Anyway to the point of the message. I have a very early snapshot of the 
setup program that I said I would work on. If you are interested I have 
posted it to .

It is very preliminary but I plan to add a good deal more to it.  For right 
now the executable is compressed inside of a self-extractor that will go 
ahead an execute it.  This is just until I can add zLib code to it so that 
it will not be 1MB on its own.  Currently it compares favorably in terms of 
size with  I am building it with -mno-cygwin, duh.

Just so you know what my plans are, I intend to add intelligence first so 
that we get a nice clean install/uninstall solution.  Then I will add the 
zLib support so Chris can have a command line program sans any GUI.  After 
that I would like to add auto-download abilities followed by an optional GUI 
for the command-line impaired. :^)

If no one objects too loudly I will be making posts as I update it. I am 
hoping to have something suitable in time for the net release.
Ron Parker (Just spell checked this on Hotmail. Won't make that 
mistake again.)
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