Installation Routine

Parker, Ron
Fri Feb 25 15:02:00 GMT 2000

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Sent: Friday, February 25, 2000 4:40 PM
Subject: Re: Installation Routine


> So... personally, I see no problem with Ron using bzip2. I
> suspect that these files will be served via ftp anyway so Apache
> configuration would not even enter into the equation.


Just to clarify.  My question was more about what format the packages being
served by Cygnus might take.  The preview that DJ put up had .tar.gz files.
I was curious if he had considered using .tar.bz2 files or not.  Personally
I can deal with either or both in the setup program.  The code changes for
me would be minimal. 

It was more a question of reducing load on the Cygnus servers.  Remember the
last net release and how hard it was to get into the servers?  No doubt the
CYGWIN audience has grown since then.

Using bzip2 tends to trim 10-20% more off of compressed tar files than gzip.
Reducing the load on a network by 10% can have a much larger than 10% impact
on performance due to decreasing packet collisions.  However any potential
gains would be mitigated if the servers were supplying incorrect MIME
information causing the browser to do CR-CR/LF conversion or opening the
file as an HTML page.

I'll go with whatever distribution format DJ and the rest of the Cygnus, er
Redhat, crew decide.

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