Installation Routine

DJ Delorie
Fri Feb 25 15:06:00 GMT 2000

> Would you mind sending email to "" instead?  He's
> the new webmaster, apparently (things are kind of in flux).

The correct address for sourceware server issues is:

> I have no problems with bzip2 either but I haven't seen DJ weigh in
> on this one.  He had some opinions about this, IIRC.

bzip2 takes a ton more CPU than gzip, for a less-than-corresponding
increase in compression, and is less popular (i.e. less likely to be
found on a standard linux install, for example).  The gains in file
size are not that exciting given the vastly larger amount of CPU
needed to deal with them, but when you have to transfer big files over
the Internet, it is still a net gain.  However, for cygwin, there are
no technical reasons not to switch.

In my case, where I'm creating tarballs all the time, the extra CPU
needed to build them is annoying, but I can be convinced to switch for
the official distributions.

Plus, you can't use "tar xvfz ..." to extract them :-(

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