next net release preview

Mumit Khan khan@NanoTech.Wisc.EDU
Sat Feb 26 11:29:00 GMT 2000

Kazuhiro Fujieda <> writes:
> > The idea is that we're trying to empower the community, rather
> > than the community relying on Cygnus (er, Red Hat) to do all
> > the work (snip).
> Neverthless, I hope that Cygnus/Red Hat defines definitely the
> reasonable policy about packages, such as the prefix directory,
> the host type name (i686-pc-cygwin32 or i686-pc-cygwin ?), and
> so on.

The intent is to make all of these package use the same arch prefix
-- i686-pc-cygwin -- and one purpose of the "preview" is to flush
out problems such as this.

Do please report all the inconsistencies so we can fix those.

Someone already mentioned that binutils is using the wrong one, and
I'll rebuild with the correct one this weekend. 


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