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Earnie Boyd
Mon Feb 28 05:21:00 GMT 2000

--- DJ Delorie <> wrote:
> bzip2 takes a ton more CPU than gzip, for a less-than-corresponding
> increase in compression, and is less popular (i.e. less likely to be
> found on a standard linux install, for example).  The gains in file
> size are not that exciting given the vastly larger amount of CPU
> needed to deal with them, but when you have to transfer big files over
> the Internet, it is still a net gain.  However, for cygwin, there are
> no technical reasons not to switch.
> In my case, where I'm creating tarballs all the time, the extra CPU
> needed to build them is annoying, but I can be convinced to switch for
> the official distributions.

I'm hoping to convince you _NOT_ to switch.  All the bzip2 files I get I end up
doing bunzip2 foo.bz2 && gzip foo just to convert them.  As you've stated bzip2
isn't standard and the archive tools that people have don't support it yet,
especially on Win32.

> Plus, you can't use "tar xvfz ..." to extract them :-(

I believe there exists a patch to add a new filter switch.


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