setup.exe questions

Ron Parker
Mon Feb 28 16:54:00 GMT 2000

>From: DJ Delorie <>


>I would think that if you can use IE to view pages outside the
>firewall, you should be able to use those same DLLs and configuration
>to download *any* file from your application.  I have no idea how to
>do this, of course, but it's one of those things MS keeps touting as

That's what WININET is. It is the API that IE uses to access the Internet. 
It includes the user's proxy settings and does not require you to prompt for 
a user name or password. Although in some situations it may prompt the user 
for his password or initiate a dialout to connect to the ISP. (These are all 
things I don't want to code from scratch or first principles for our British 

> > BTW, I have the compression code in the setup program.
>Good.  Can it auto-detect gzip vs bzip vs uncompressed, and tar vs

To clarify, right now it is just the compression code to extract the 
compressed cygwin1.dll, gzip.exe and tar.exe files from the resources of 
setup.exe.  The application currently handles gzipped packages. I will add 
bzip and zip support after the "intelligent behavior" and download 
automation is coded.

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