Version Number revisited

DJ Delorie
Tue Feb 29 07:06:00 GMT 2000

> Some time ago it was mentioned that the next net release would possibly be
> versioned as 1.1.0, using an odd number for the minor release number for net
> releases and the even number minor release number for the retail releases.
> Is this planned for this release?  I've noticed that uname now gives the 1.1.0
> version and not B21.  This will give the product more stamina because it'll be
> no longer considered "beta".

That was still the case last time Chris and I discussed it, and I see
no reason (short of marketing fiat) to change it.  We just have to be
careful to make sure people realize that a higher middle number
doesn't always mean a more stable release, due to the minimal testing
of net releases.

The three-number version number will add some sanity to the version
numbering issues, too.

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