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Glenn Spell
Tue Feb 29 13:27:00 GMT 2000

On 29 Feb 2000 around 12:46PM (-0800) Earnie Boyd wrote:

> --- Corinna Vinschen <> wrote:
> > IMHO it would be a good idea to support copying some example
> > scripts to the HOME dir as it's done similar when creating a new
> > user in some Linux distributions. That would be very convenient
> > for the normal user. I'm thinking of sth. like .profile, .cshrc,
> > .vimrc etc.
> Good idea, except call them sample.profile, sample.cshrc, etc.

I suggest calling them .profile, .cshrc, etc... and that they be
expected to work as installed. In other words, they should be
installed as default resources not examples. They should be commented
throughly so the user can follow what they do. Any action by the user
should be to change the defaults not install sample files.

> Vim has it's own sample already.

If Vim is part of the distribution then the sample .vimrc should be
installed by default. No .rc files should be installed for programs
that are not part of the distribution.

> I would suggest asking with a default string of /cygwin/home for
> Win9x and $USERPROFILE/cygwin for WinNT.

I agree.

> > I would like to see that binary is the default mount method for
> > the mount command and creating text mounts only by giving a `-t'
> > option.


(I use text mounts and Winzip. ;-)


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