setup.exe questions

Corinna Vinschen
Tue Feb 29 14:11:00 GMT 2000

Glenn Spell wrote:
> [...]
> I suggest calling them .profile, .cshrc, etc... and that they be
> expected to work as installed. In other words, they should be
> installed as default resources not examples. They should be commented
> throughly so the user can follow what they do. Any action by the user
> should be to change the defaults not install sample files.

I agree. I like it as it is in the Linux distros. You have
a full functional home dir automagically and if you hate that
	alias l='ls -l'
you can simply change it.

Nevertheless, professional users should be able to turn this 
setup option off.

> > I would suggest asking with a default string of /cygwin/home for
> > Win9x and $USERPROFILE/cygwin for WinNT.
> I agree.

Outch! Imagine the time of your first contact with NT. Now tell me,
how much time did you need to find this #$*& preferences and that
And the new path in W2K is

  $SYSTEMDRIVE/Documents and Settings

a path with SPACES in it!!! Seems like activism without thinking

But as long as I don't have to reply to all the questions
of the type "HELP! I can't find all my peronal files."
I would not 
> > > I would like to see that binary is the default mount method for
> > > the mount command and creating text mounts only by giving a `-t'
> > > option.
> :-(
> (I use text mounts and Winzip. ;-)

I would lend you a good tar. ;-)


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