Setup over a previous installation

Parker, Ron
Tue Feb 29 15:25:00 GMT 2000

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From: Glenn Spell [ ]


> I didn't realize the install routine would be or do an
> upgrade... that's different. I wouldn't expect the install routine to
> consider the quirks of my previous install and my deviations from any
> standards.  In fact, I wouldn't want the install to touch my previous
> install.  I'd make a totally new install and then change that to my
> personal preferences.

> If the installer does upgrades, different options should be used.


IIRC the last net release did nothing different for an upgrade as compared
with an original install. Since the registry mount information changed at
that time even those settings had to be manually migrated.  Please correct
me if I am wrong. I am not in a position to test it at the moment.

I was going to concern myself with upgrade issues after I had a working
setup for a "clean" install.  This is not to say that I was intending to
erase any existing mounts or other configuration settings.  

While I do not have the CD, I know it did not have the same layout as B20.x.
I don't think trying to port any PATH settings or such from the old
cygwin.bat file would be very feasible due to this.  I am sure that many
people have manually edited this file anyway.

I may try reading the registry to see what the previous root directory was
and attempt to install to that directory.

Also default settings for various applications are "down the road aways".  I
appreciate the input.  Keep it coming and will keep it around, but I have
enough to do to get a "vanilla" setup done in time for the net release.

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