FS layout issues for v1.1 (eg., /bin and /usr/bin)

Andrew Dalgleish andrewd@axonet.com.au
Tue Feb 29 15:28:00 GMT 2000

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> Subject:	FS layout issues for v1.1 (eg., /bin and /usr/bin)
> I had recently asked Chris if he would support the idea of making /bin
> and /usr/bin point to the same directory (the `how' comes later), and
> he'd asked me bring this out here for a wider discussion. I'm going
> to expand the discussion a bit to also talk about where the system
> includes and libraries go.
> I'm going to leave releases b20.1 and earlier out of the discussion
> since 
> the layout is a confusing mess.
> In Cygwin v1.0, Cygwin finally moved into a reasonable layout with
> (IMO)
> two exceptions:
> 1 it used an "interesting" layout where the binaries go to /bin and
>   other things go into /usr. In GNU package terminology, it's equiv
>   to specifying ``--prefix=/usr --exec-prefix=/''.
>   I'd like to see /bin and /usr/bin "point" to the same place in the
>   filesystem for the next net release.
[Andrew Dalgleish]  

I don't.
I have a minimal "/bin" similar to the FHS.
It makes it very easy to set up a new system because this is the only
directory I *have* to copy - everything else is optional.

This could also make the installer easier, a single self-containd
directory which contains everything you need and you know will work on
its own.

(BTW, I mount my home directory from a samba server.
If I make my cygwin session full screen I can barely tell the
difference, which shows how good cygwin is :-)

Andrew Dalgleish

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