prelim FAQ update: Installation Instructions

Parker, Ron
Thu Jun 1 08:01:00 GMT 2000

> I've made a preliminary update to winsup/doc/install.texinfo, but I
> haven't checked it in yet.  It's the "Installation Instructions"
> chapter of the FAQ.  You can preview what I've got so far at
> 	  < >

Very good information all in all.  Not to take away from what you have done,
but I do have a couple minor points.  Shoot me if you like, but I have spent
too much of my time proofing documents. :)

"Cygnus Solution" should be "Cygnus Solutions" throughout.

Unless setup has been changed, those who are downloading the files for
themselves may preserve the directory structure found on the Net and any
-src.tar.gz files found in that structure will be ignored.
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