prelim FAQ update: Installation Instructions

David Starks-Browning
Thu Jun 1 08:30:00 GMT 2000

On Wednesday 31 May 00, Chris Faylor writes:
> The part about rewriting all mount points isn't quite right.  Only
> some of the mount points are redone.  Root should be preserved unless
> the user specifies otherwise.  /usr/bin is mounted on the same directory
> as /bin and /usr/lib is mounted on the same directory as /lib.

Right.  I thought I was paraphrasing the latest/README file, but
looking back I see that I misunderstood it.  I also didn't test Setup
on an existing Cygwin installation myself, so I wasn't aware of those
details.  I redid that bit, see if I'm any closer now.

I've added other details about mounts & stuff, have another look.
The preview URL again is < >.

> Could you add a strong recommendation to use a directory like c:\cygwin as
> the root rather than specifying something like c:\ ?


> setup can be used to install a single package via something like:
> setup bash
> setup -u bash
> will install a newer version of bash if one exists.  Probably only the first
> usage has to be documented.

For now, are the existing pointers to your messages in the Cygwin
mailing list sufficient?

> You refer to "the empty directory" under "Internet installation with setup.exe".
> Shouldn't that be "an empty directory"?

I said "the temporary directory" meaning the one that *was* empty
until setup.exe was downloaded to it.

I'll want to revisit this all anyway when DJ's makes the new setup.exe


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