prelim FAQ update: Installation Instructions

DJ Delorie
Thu Jun 1 08:56:00 GMT 2000

> Nice changes DJ.  What happens if a Cygwin process is active when
> setup is executed?

Nothing, I hope.  I got rid of all the embedded .exe's, leaving only
cygwin1.dll.  Setup saves that as "setup-cygwin1.dll" and uses
LoadLibrary to load it, after setting up the environment so that the
DLL goes into "testsuite mode".  That will prevent it from using the
shared memory area.  It then hooks all the cygwin functions it needs
(mount, getmntent, etc) and calls them directly.  Since the DLL isn't
sharing memory, the new mounts won't even effect running programs
until all of them exit and restart, which will load the new mount
table into memory.

Also, since tar is now built-in, I can defer messing with the mount
table until the very last thing, so if anything goes wrong with the
install your old mount table is still there.

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