setup 1.48 alpha

DJ Delorie
Wed Jun 7 20:14:00 GMT 2000

I've uploaded a setup-1.48.exe to latest.  This includes most of the
features you've been hearing me talk about on the mailing lists.  All
the sources are in CVS.  Please try this (it should be safe to do
while running cygwin apps!).  ChangeLog entries (I don't think Chris's
included the new tar code):

2000-06-07  DJ Delorie  <>

	* cygcalls.c: new, call cygwin1.dll functions directly
	* cygcalls.h: header for same
	* add cygcalls.[ch], remove mount/cygpath/umount
	exes, fix cinstall.rc dependencies.
	* path.c: remove unneeded code
	* setup.c: use cygcalls instead of xcreate_process.
	uncompress embedded files with zlib
	add "-d" for "download only"
	add "-h" for help
	postpone mount changes until very end
	add download progress indicators
	pack multi-column listings more
	auto-delete temp files
	customize banner message according to options
	prompt user for text/binary mounts

2000-05-24  DJ Delorie  <>

	* tar.c: New file; built-in tar using zlib.
	* tar.h: New file; header for same.
	* ctar.c: New file; test program for same.
	* add built-in tar, remove tar.exe and gzip.exe
	* path.c (pathcat): convert slashes and canonicalize, instead of aborting
	* setup.c (tarx): add support for built-in tar
	(main): accept unix-style slashes, check root dir for drive letters,
	warn about installing in /, make sure cwd is empty for internet installs,
	defer mounts to end of install, support built-in tar.

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