[RFD]: Using a new feature of Win2K for symlinks

Parker, Ron rdparker@butlermfg.com
Thu Jun 8 16:10:00 GMT 2000

> > FWIW, this only works on local drive resources, but not to network
> > directories.  That is a function of DFS.
> Right but this doesn't influence symlinks in Cygwin at all.
> As I mentioned, my patch falls back if the reparse point
> algorithm fails. This could be still tuned.

I know. It was just FYI for anyone that wasn't familiar with reparse points
so they would have some idea of when this would come into play.  I guess I
should have said that.

> > How about using IO_REPARSE_TAG_MOUNT_POINT tags to implement mount
> > functionality for local resources on Windows 2000.  I know 
> its not as sexy
> > as OS support for real symlinks, but it is a start.
> You already have that functionality thru logical drive
> manager and that is transparent to all apps including Cygwin,
> too. For that, we don't need to implement anything.

I didn't know if we wanted to use it for our mount facility on cygwin under
Windows 2000.  I thought it might speed up the path handling.  It would at
least push it to the operating system and under Windows 2000 we would have
to check a path against fewer cygwin managed mounts.

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