/dev/urandom: Permission denied

Andrew Dalgleish andrewd@axonet.com.au
Fri Jun 9 04:08:00 GMT 2000

I am using NT Workstation 4 sp 5, cygwin 1.1.2 (2000/6/7), ntsec

If I log in as any account which does not have administrator privileges,
I can't read from /dev/urandom.
(I first noticed it when sshd failed to start after a clean re-install
of everything.)

bash-2.04$ dd if=/dev/urandom of=foo bs=512 count=1
dd: /dev/urandom: Permission denied
0+0 records in
0+0 records out

I am about to rebuild the DLL so I can step through it.

Andrew Dalgleish

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