scenario: no registry access, C:\ locked out

Andrew Patrzalek
Wed Jun 21 16:21:00 GMT 2000

> Again, I would be interested in the specifics of your perceived problem.

I needed a sense of your direction.  You have stated your position, that
clears it up.  I would like to use cygwin in a certain environment that can
accomodate established local policies. As further development takes place I
don't want to lose what already works. For instance selecting the mount
point of the root directory as someplace other than C:\.

The reasoning for this line of questioning is that it is important for me to
understand the expectations of a project to see if I can align with these
expectations and contribute. Otherwise it is an exercise in futility.

> What software are you running to lock out specific users?

NTwsSP5, using just the admin setup wizards.

> Is this a built-in capability of Windows?


> Have you purchased this software?  Is the software "home grown"?


>From here on I will just submit code related questions and findings.
Once again thanks for your time.

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