Checked in my changes

Chris Faylor
Fri Jun 30 21:03:00 GMT 2000

I've checked in my changes to cygwin.  I ended up reorganizing stuff slightly
along lines that DJ and I have been discussing for more than a year, i.e.,
I added a 'lib' subdirectory which holds all of the non-stub stuff that shows
up in libcygwin.a.  I also broke out the individual functions in some of
the files into their own files which should reduce executable file sizes
slightly (although I haven't checked this).

If you use CVS to update the winsup directory be sure to use the '-d' option
to pick up the new directory.

This release includes two files which should be installed in /usr/lib --
binmode.o and textmode.o.  Linking with those files will cause all opens
to be in either binmode or textmode respectively unless explicitly overriden
via open, fopen, or setmode.  This means that files linked with this will
have an implicit O_BINARY or O_TEXT added to every open.

Please make sure that, if you make a net release, you check it with a
stock cygwin 1.1.2.  Since this DLL introduces some new entry points, we
don't want to release new executables based on it until after 1.1.3 is

If everything looks good with this new DLL, I'll make a release next week.


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