Incorrect prototypes for some pthread functions

Paul K. Fisher
Sun May 7 18:41:00 GMT 2000

Greetings.  Just joined the list, and second time I am posting.  Overall I
am looking into pthread support. Now on to the question.

I have found that some of the prototypes for the pthreads functions appear
to be incorrect.  For example, pthread_kill is prototyped as:

int pthread_kill( pthread_t * thread, int sig );

and it seems that it should be:

int pthread_kill( pthread_t thread, int sig );

Of course, this probably still works, but causes a compilation warning.
There are several other cases of where this occurs.  Any reason for this.  I
am referring to the UNIX 98 spec as a reference.  Is there something else to
which this has been implemented?

If these are really incorrect, I will submit a patch.


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