auto-mounting /

Chris Faylor
Thu May 25 09:24:00 GMT 2000

On Thu, May 25, 2000 at 01:05:06AM -0400, DJ Delorie wrote:
>OK, I'm working through the code to LoadLibrary cygwin1.dll (*that*
>was a project) and using getmntent() to find any existing "/" mount.
>Guess what?  There's always one, because starting cygwin1.dll creates
>on if needed.

And this is a surprise?  Ron Parker mentioned this when he was first
working on setup.

>Why?  Why can't we just leave "/" unmounted if there isn't one?  Won't
>that mean that the default is that "/" is the root of the current
>drive, which might make a lot of sense for cygwin programs running
>outside a fully configured environment?

I don't know how cygwin will react if it can't resolve root.  I guess
it will always resort to /cygdrive/x which might be perfect.

I have no objections to eliminating the automounting of root as soon
as we've released the next net release.


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