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Fri Sep 8 09:09:00 GMT 2000

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> >At 08:35 AM 9/8/2000, Earnie Boyd wrote:
> >>Back in B18 when I started using Cygwin these libraries were stub
> libraries. 
> >>Is there a reason that they shouldn't be stub libraries instead of symlinks
> to
> >>cygwin runtime?
> >
> >Good question.  I remember a discussion on the topic of exactly what form 
> >these libraries should take in Cygwin back a long time ago.  I believe it 
> >was Mumit who suggested that these libraries could (and should) be symlinks
> >(I may not be remembering this correctly.)  Anyway, its my impression that
> >having libm.a and libc.a be symlinks to libcygwin.a is sufficiently 
> >problematic that it makes sense to explore other options.  
> >
> >There.  Now that we have my opinion, someone can go ahead and fix the 
> >problem!;-)
> What does "problematic" mean?  The reason for making them something other
> than stubs is that some packages search for symbols there.  IF they are
> empty libraries there won't be any symbols to search for.

Ah, that would be problematic.  So the solution:

1) modify ld?

2) modify the package configuration so that autoreconf will not add -lc or -lm
for the cygwin target?

3) live with it and deal with it on an individual bases?

Item 1 is the ideal; but, may be impractical.  Item 2 is doable but would take
years to get all of the package configurations modified.  Item 3 is what we
have now and IMO is not an acceptable solution.


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