lists in cygwin1.dll

Robert Collins
Mon Apr 9 02:14:00 GMT 2001

Is there a generic thread-safe list class in cygwin1.dll? I started
writing one 'cause I couldn't see one jumping out at me. I need list
support of some sort for the pthread_key_t destructors.

I'd like some input from the group here...

should I

a) use class foo that I don't know about.
b) just hand code a bare bones singly linked list, making each step and
reference threadsafe.
c) make a generic threadsafe class, and put it in 'lists.h' or whereever
is best (winsup? thread.h?)

a) is fastest, b) second, and c) slowest. However c) would give you
other developers a tool for future development...


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