Cvs update and now no Compile of winsup -- need HELP

Brian Keener
Thu Apr 19 09:45:00 GMT 2001

Earnie Boyd wrote:
> Before posting here you should `cvs update' and try again.  Also, if
> you're wanting to be actively knowledgeable about what's been updated
> you need to subscribe to cygwin-cvs and to cygwin-patches.
Thanks Earnie for the response.

I will do the 'cvs update' again and see what happens.  As to what I am 
subscribed to - I am subscribed to both, but as I said I am trying to 
learn c++ and contribute at the same time and setup was a good place to 
learn and I understand most of the patches and cvs notices that come 
through - I just don't always understand how they relate to a particular 
problem I might have had or why particular problems occur during the 
configure or the make or wherever they might occur.  I also don't always 
understand all the defines and includes that might or might not be 

Thanks again and will let you know.

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