vfscanf in newlib

Charles Wilson cwilson@ece.gatech.edu
Fri Apr 20 22:18:00 GMT 2001

Robert Collins wrote:
> A __cursory__ conde read through gives me the impression that
> simultaneous calls with the same file may result in undefined results.
> buffer wise it should be ok, but don't use the same handle twice. I
> don't know that the SUS has to say about the _r function w.r.t. the file
> in use, but I would expect that two calls from two threads to one of the
> _r functions should result in one blocking until the other finishes
> scnaning, not them interleaving fread calls.
> I may be completely off-base here though.

Maybe.  I just discovered something -- which *MAY* be related to my
changes, or *MAY& be related to other changes.  I've built three
cygwin1.dll's in the last two days.

#1: my original changes to newlib/winsup
  --- also, I picked up many changes (vs. cygwin-1.1.8-2) when I 'cvs
#2: Jeff's version of my newlib changes, Chris's winsup changes
  --- also, there were additional, unrelated changes (beyond those
included in #1) that I picked up in winsup when I did 'cvs update';
apparently, there were a lot of commits yesterday.
#3: same as #2, but with my most recent patch

All three enabled me to successfully run bash, rxvt+bash, make, gcc, and
my test programs. So, I figured they were fine.

I've just discovered that I get a coredump with all three when I try to
run ssh.  #$!@&$

There are three common elements in all three new dll's:
a) my original changes are a badly implemented and are causing problems
b) or some of the unrelated changes in winsup have destabilized cygwin
(within the last week or so)
c) or I've lost the ability to build a working cygwin1.dll.

Reverting to the 20010419 snapshot from sourceware's snapshot download
page allows me to ssh without problems.  So, it's either something in my
build process or the changes in the last two days (mine, OR other

Can somebody on cygwin try to build a snapshot with the recently
committed winsup and newlib code (e.g. #2 above), and try to run ssh, to
determine whether I've gone insane?


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