SHOWSTOPPER: [was Re: vfscanf in newlib]

Norman Vine
Sun Apr 22 18:05:00 GMT 2001

Christopher Faylor writes:
>>> Were you ever able to duplicate the ssh crashing bug?  If not, can
>>> anyone else confirm that this problem has been squashed now?
>>I confess to not having an sshd setup to test the bug with. Thus I just
>>reviewed the source.
>I confess to not understanding how my version of sshd could possibly
>have worked, given what I now understand about the problem.
>Chuck, could you update to the latest CVS version and let us know if
>it fixes the problem that you found.

I just rebuilt cygwin and sshd seems to be working for me

last entry in cygwin\src\winsup\cygwin\changelog

Mon Apr 23  9:27:00 2001  Robert Collins <>

	* (MTinterface::Init): Always initialise per process variables.


Norman Vine

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