Looking for something to work on...

Robert Collins robert.collins@itdomain.com.au
Mon Apr 23 17:51:00 GMT 2001

My source is at home, so I can't do much for the next 6 odd hours. I see
two basic approaches to this:

1) implement non-persistent implementations of all things, and then go
for persistence,
2) pickup egors daemon and add to it's API to do what we need.

I don't think we can do proper test cases until 2) is complete. So I'd
suggest grabbing egors daemon code from the cygwin-patches archive and
looking at it.

What we need the daemon to do is one of two things.
Either a) Duplicate two handles from us for each shmid/semid/msgid and
keep the handles open until told to close them - thus keeping win32 from
garbage collecting the resource. Other processes will open the handle
directly without the daemon's help. 
or b) act in a client-server fashion, and do the handle creation and all
management for us.

I prefer a) as there is less serialisation and thus better performance.
There may need to be some system wide syncronisation but I'd rather have
that where we need it, rather than there because of the architecture we


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> > I could actually donate some Windows code that I wrote a 
> few years ago
> > to emulate sys v semaphores.  It wasn't complete but it 
> might be useful
> > as either a starting point or a laughing point.
> > 
> > cgf
> Send it and I'll take a look at it...
> Robert, do you want to break this up between us...  
> John

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