LC_MESSAGES and gettext

Charles Wilson
Thu Feb 1 20:01:00 GMT 2001

Bruno Haible (gettext maintainer) has sent me notice that there will
soon be a new release of the gettext package.  I'm trying to insure that
it builds (at least statically) OOB on cygwin before he does so, and one
of the 'missing' items in cygwin is the LC_MESSAGES definition.

As ReBuM reported last May,

a simple change to /usr/include/locale.h (which I think comes from
newlib/libc/include/locale.h) enables gettext to work properly and
actually honor "LOCALE" settings.  DJ then responded, "yeah, that's ok, 
but you have to add a couple of functions but they can return static

Of course, if you do 'export LANG=no' and 'wget --help', you'll see that
the current gettext, without LC_MESSAGES support, actually supports
localized messages.  Go figure.  But, we might as well do it 'right'.

What system functions are required for 'true' LC_MESSAGES support, and
where can I find documentation on them so I can generate a patch for


--- locale.h~   Tue Jan 30 16:47:14 2001
+++ locale.h    Thu Feb  1 21:15:53 2001
@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@
 #define LC_MONETARY 3
 #define LC_NUMERIC  4
 #define LC_TIME     5
+#define LC_MESSAGES 6
 struct lconv

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