LC_MESSAGES and gettext

Charles Wilson
Thu Feb 1 21:39:00 GMT 2001

DJ Delorie wrote:
> > The only function 'missing' from your list is mbcurmax().
> Yeah, djgpp has one of those too.  Got interrupted while building the
> list.

Huh??  Oh, sorry.  My statement was poorly worded.  What I meant was "of
the seven functions you listed from djgpp, only  mbcurmax() is missing
from my list of functions in newlib."  But then I explained that it
wasn't really missing, and both djgpp and newlib do basically the same
thing with regard to __{dj_}mb_cur_max.

So, my intent was to show that -- "Hey, newlib already does everything
that djgpp's locale kit does" -- *EXCEPT* that newlib's locale.h doesn't
declare LC_MESSAGES.

So, can we fix that oversight?


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