Cygwin CVS (or 1.1.8) fixes PostgreSQL postmaster shutdown problem

Jason Tishler
Mon Feb 5 08:38:00 GMT 2001

PostgreSQL running on 1.1.7 (and earlier) had a minor (but annoying)
postmaster shutdown problem.  If more than one client connected
concurrently to postmaster (i.e., the PostgreSQL backend), then
the postmaster process would not shutdown cleanly.  By "cleanly," I
mean that it would take a random number of "kill -s SIGTERM" attempts
before postmaster would terminate.  Further, the greater the number of
concurrent clients the greater the number of kills before postmaster
would finally exit.

I have been working with Yutaka tanida off and on to try to get to the
bottom of this problem.  See attached for his latest attempt.

Magically the problem seems to be solved in the latest Cygwin CVS.  Did
someone commit a patch that would correct this problem?


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