Has sys/stat.h changed

Trevor Forbes trevorforbes@ozemail.com.au
Fri Feb 16 17:25:00 GMT 2001

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Sent: Saturday, 17 February 2001 12:15
Subject: Has sys/stat.h changed

> Has something changed in sys/stat.h.  I updated to all the current
> versions on Wednesday night and now when I recompile setup.exe and then
> try to download something, it is constantly telling me the download
> failed and the file is to short and says it received 3 bytes, but
> expected whatever the actual expected size was.  When I look at the
> actual downloaded file it is the correct size.

This is good news for me. As there was no complaints on the list, and other
people (yourself) seem to be providing patches, I (wrongly) concluded that
my build process must be broken for the "cinstall" section.

Anyway, my "build version" always downloads a file and says its 4 bytes
short.  Its been broken for a while..... possibly a couple of months.  In
fact, I am curious as to why your only seeing it now?

Are you going to chase the problem?   If not, I will look at it later....
( My wife has a list of jobs for me to do this weekend :(  )

Regards Trevor

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