Egor Duda deo@logos-m.ru
Tue Feb 20 02:01:00 GMT 2001


i've   looked   a  bit deeper into fhandler_console code, and think it
needs more fixing. for example, this command:

echo -e -n "\033[?" && echo -e "1000h"

won't  enable  mouse  events  reporting  ("saw_question_mark" should be
persistent   across  write calls) and several other issues. so i think
several variables  which are related to console "state" should be made
members of  class  fhandler_console.

the  only  thing  i want to get advice on -- is  fhandler_console::dup
ever   called?  i've  never seen so. if i miss something   and  it  is
called,  then   all  such  "persistent  state" information  should  be
stored  not  in  fhandler_console  itself,  but  in separate structure
referenced  from  fhandler_console and common for all fhandler_console

Chris,  can  you  tell  if  your  cygheap code eliminates the need for

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