[cygwin] setup.exe Contrib vs latest question

Brian Keener bkeener@thesoftwaresource.com
Thu Feb 22 10:03:00 GMT 2001

DJ Delorie wrote:
> Setup should be able to take files from *any* directory listed in
> setup.ini, not just latest and/or contrib.  

Haven't actually tried that but I would assume from what I have seen in 
the code that you are right.

> If setup is confusing the
> location of things, that's a bug.  However, look in your local
> directory first to see if you have spare copies of files in latest,

Oops I didn't have all the facts.  I had noticed a particular occurrence 
and associated it with more than I should.  For the most part what is in 
contrib is isolated to contrib and likewise for latest.  I did find 
copies of libpng and zlib in both contrib and latest.   Could this be 
related to these two packages being moved from contrib to latest and back 
again in the downloaded setup.ini files??  The current setup.ini I have 
shows these two as being in contrib, but I have 1.0.6-1, 1.0.8-1, 1.0.8-2 
and 1.0.9-3 of libpng in contrib and 1.0.6-1, 1.0.8-1 of libpng in 
latest.  I also have 1.1.3-1, 1.1.3-4, 1.1.3-5 and 1.1.3-6 of zlib in 
contrib and 1.1.3-1, 1.1.3-4 of zlib in latest.  This looks more like it 
is related to a change that occurred in setup.ini for these two packages 
at some point in time and not a bug/problem in setup.exe.  Is this 
something that setup should be concerned with - IE a package moves from 
one location to another should we be attempting to get rid of the old???

> And/or if you have a local setup.ini.

I do have a local setup.ini and I have noticed it changes (as it should) 
each time I do a download.

This is just an isolated case of two packages in more than one place.  As 
I asked above is this a case of it being in different places during 
different versions of setup.ini.

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