cygwin-developers Digest 24 Feb 2001 23:23:54 -0000 Issue 407

Charles S. Wilson
Sat Feb 24 15:53:00 GMT 2001

> Subject: Re: [cygwin] setup.exe Contrib vs latest question
> Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 15:11:33 EST
> From: Brian Keener <>
> To: cygwin-developers <>
> DJ Delorie wrote:
> > > I do have a local setup.ini and I have noticed it changes (as it should)
> > > each time I do a download.
> >
> > Then setup should be using that and ignoring any other files that
> > might be present in the local directory.
> >
> You are correct - it does.  My only concern was the fact that I found those
> multiple copies of libpng and zlib -- and then I shot off my mouth about it
> as if it were an all inclusive problem and setup was moving things from
> contrib to latest.  What I now believe (as I said) is this is an isolated
> scenario more than likely caused by a change in the setup.ini file
> somewhere/sometime involving where these two packages should be (and probably
> were at the time) located.  These are just holdovers (possibly even a screwup
> on my part --?? Nah) from some earlier time.
> My setup is using setup.ini from local and updating as it should when it
> needs to.  I just shot my mouth off too soon - all seems right and sorry for
> the confusion.  :-)

zlib and libpng started life in /cygwin/latest.  The tarballs were
eventually relocated to /cygwin/contrib.  Since the setup.ini file is
autogenerated by a script on the sourceware ftp server, it should only
refer to the new location.

However, many mirrors never remove old stuff, even when the primary site
removes them.  So, some mirrors have BOTH /cygwin/latest/zlib and
/cygwin/contrib/zlib.  (Your local setup might be considered a faulty
"mirror" like this if you haven't pruned it in the last 9 months)

Now, if you run setup.exe from a local archive (that doesn't have the
official setup.ini from the sourceware ftp server) then setup.exe will
*create* a setup.ini that reflects your local archive.  But, your
archive has /latest/zlib and /contrib/zlib.  Presto: messed up
setup.ini.  Even when you "update it when it needs to".

(Note: this will also affect ncurses, which just moved from /contrib
into /latest about two months ago).

Basically, I think the mirrors need to be cleaned up -- mirror admins
should configure their mirroring software to remove stuff that has been
removed from their primary source.  But that's hard to enforce.


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