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Earnie Boyd
Mon Jan 15 10:33:00 GMT 2001

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 15, 2001 at 12:14:58PM -0500, Earnie Boyd wrote:
> >I just wanted to praise you for speeding up Cygwin.  It's at least 15
> >percent faster or more.  In my timing tests I currently get a faster
> >initial output from `ls --color -l /bin' than I do in repeating the
> >command.  I once had an initial timing of .65 seconds user time on an
> >initial display; this was after having exited Cygwin processes, did some
> >Netscape work, read some email and then restarted a Cygwin process.
> Wow, thanks.  Where is cygwin faster?  Is this a recent change is the
> snapshot faster than 1.1.7?  Or is 1.1.7 faster than 1.1.4?  I did
> add some code to read to bypass signal interruption if there were
> no signal handlers present which should have some speed improvements
> but that was added in 1.1.6.

I'm noticing the improvement in the current CVS as compared to 1.1.7.

> I also just implemented SA_RESTART but I don't that would have an effect
> on anything since it requires a reconfiguration and recompilation.

A recompilation and reconfiguration of what, Cygwin?  I do that with 
  make clean && make
so if that is what you mean that is what I'm testing.

> DJ also did some performance analysis and targetted some areas that
> needed tweaking.  This should have shown up in 1.1.6.  I was never
> certain that there was a clear improvement, though, or I would have
> announced this as a 1.1.6 change.

Well then, it wasn't that.  Perhaps some of Corinna's mmap changes have
something to do with it and the thanks belongs to her.  I was just
assuming that your change to the read function was what the cause and
affect was but maybe it's elsewhere.  However, the change is definitely


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