some header bugs

Christopher Faylor
Wed Jan 17 20:17:00 GMT 2001

On Wed, Jan 17, 2001 at 11:14:05PM -0500, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>On Wed, Jan 17, 2001 at 11:02:20PM -0500, DJ Delorie wrote:
>>> I guess we'll have to bow to bash as the authority and change it.  Should
>>> it return 0 on success, -1 on error?
>>It seems that way.  And set errno, too.
>Bleah.  It looks like our version of setdtablesize takes an argument which
>is the amount to grow the fdtab by.  I found one use that assumed that
>the argument was the total size for the table.
>It looks like bash wants this to be the total size, too.  Do you agree?

Nevermind.  It's actually a cygwin *bug*.


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