Mixed 1.1.7/CVS Environment Question

Jason Tishler Jason.Tishler@dothill.com
Mon Jan 22 09:40:00 GMT 2001

While "developing" the setlogmask() patch, I replaced /usr/lib/libcygwin.a
and /usr/bin/cygwin1.dll with those generated from a CVS build.
When done I forgot to replace them with the 1.1.7 versions.  Later that
evening/morning, I built PostgreSQL from scratch.  Unfortunately, when
I ran the regression tests they failed immediately due to UNIX domain
socket connection problems.  Then I remembered about libcygwin.a and
cygwin1.dll and I replaced them with their 1.1.7 versions and rebuilt
PostgreSQL from scratch again.  PostgreSQL then passed all regression test.

Was it the mixed environment that caused this problem?  Or, should I be
attempting to debug CVS (i.e., 1.1.8) UNIX domain socket support?


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