Looking into setup problems

Brian Keener bkeener@thesoftwaresource.com
Fri Jul 6 16:21:00 GMT 2001

1 thing in pre_category branch - The partial display for Download from Internet 
on mine looks good, but if I select full - I only see the options for the 
version I am looking at - ie I can only skip, keep, retrieve, source for the 
Current version (if I have curr radio button selected) and if I select retrieve 
I cannot get to the source box (it stays at na).  I think originally the trust 
value (ie Prev Curr, Test) was so I could select <= trust so when I am clicking 
through for download I can select the previous version even when I have the 
current radio button selected. When I select "Install from Internet" it seems 
to work this way. Probably the bigger deal here is you would have to do a 
"retrieve" for binary and then a "sources" for the source during the download. 
 Hmmmm,  seems as if the only choices I am getting under Prev, Curr, or Test 
are to skip, keep, retrieve or source during a Download from Internet session. 
 I did get the occasional version to click by - on Bash I think.

Same scenario as above when I tested the newest (2.90) with the category logic 
and selected download.

Also when I selected Install from Internet it has the same problem with 
Reinstall in that is does not activate the check box so again you would have to 
do a Reinstall and then a Sources.

No biggies but our action/labels logic still needs a little more work - some of 
it got lost in the translation with all the new rewrites.  Or I say it needs 
work - but I'm the one that did the former chooser changes so maybe I was wrong 
before and now it's right???  Hmmmmm.  :-^


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