Weird problem with relative symbolic links

Jonathan Kamens
Mon Jul 23 14:09:00 GMT 2001

With a cygwin1.dll built from the current CVS repository:

I have a symbolic link named "scratch" in my root directory, pointing
at "d/scratch".  When I'm not in the root directory, I can't type "ls
/scratch/jik" and see the contents of /d/scratch/jik -- instead, I see
"/scratch/jik: No such file or directory".  If I "cd /" and run the
command again, it works.

The obvious workaround is to change the link to point to "/d/scratch"
instead of "d/scratch", which I've done.  But still, there appears to
be something broken in this area in the repository which wasn't broken
in 1.1.8.


(Is my understanding correct that problems in the current CVS
repository which don't exist in the "stable" release should be sent
here rather than to


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