Problems with autoconf-2.52 testsuite using current CVS Cygwin

Corinna Vinschen
Wed Jul 25 08:31:00 GMT 2001


I want to keep you informed about a problem I have found when running
the autoconf-2.52 testsuite under the current Cygwin version as it's
in the repository (1.3.3).

Just to begin with the obvious (Chris? Are you online?):

	It works fine on 1.3.2!

Ok, the situation is the following:

The autoconf testsuite creates a lot of temporary directories and
files in them below /tmp. The directories are named using two
characters (e.g. "ac") and the PID of the current process.So a
typical name is `ac1322' on NT/W2K. Let's work out that example.

After performing the related test, the testsuite removes the
testdirectory ("/tmp/ac1322") and moves forward to the next

Now the problem suddenly shows up:

The testsuite fails to remove the temporary directory when running
under 1.3.3.

Due to the way NT/W2K chooses PIDs, one of the followup tests has
the same PID 1322 as one of the earlier tests. The testsuite calls
`mkdir' to create the test directory `ac1322' ... which fails since
mkdir complains about not being able to create the directory.

As a result, that very test is treated as FAILED. Over the time,
many testsuite tests fail due to that reason... not being able
to create the test directory.

This is also an inadvertently failure of the testsuite as
well but the problem is only raised due to the inability to
remove the directories under the latest Cygwin.

However, I have generated an strace output of a running testsuite
but I have still not found the reason for not removing the temporary
directories. Actually, there's even no `rm', `rmdir' or `unlink'
on `ac1322' in the strace output.

FWIW, my /tmp directory is on FAT, so it's unlikely a ntsec problem.

Since I don't have that much time currently, it would be nice if
somebody else could have a look into that. autoconf-2.52-1 is
already on sourceware so it's available on the mirrors at least


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