File Access Oddness (

John Fortin
Thu Jun 7 08:46:00 GMT 2001

Is the following a bug??  I do not remember needing '*.exe' to access a file
before, especially when 'ls' does not show the extension.

Of course, I could be mis-remembering.........

This is a new 'all default' install of cygwin from the net on Winnt4 SP6.

I'll try this from home also with my cvs copy.


fortinj@FORTINJ /bin
$ type perl
perl is hashed (/usr/bin/perl)

fortinj@FORTINJ /bin
$ cd /usr/bin

fortinj@FORTINJ /usr/bin
$ ls -l perl
-rwxr-xr-x   1 fortinj  None         8192 Dec 21 16:50 perl

fortinj@FORTINJ /usr/bin
$ rm perl
<=============== ???????
rm: cannot unlink `perl': No such file or directory

fortinj@FORTINJ /usr/bin
$ rm perl.exe

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