Comments on Robert's category feature

Brian Keener
Tue Jun 19 10:44:00 GMT 2001

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> >> I think that if we have a few categories:
> >> 
> >> Default (or Core?)
> >> Standard
> >> Development
> >> Graphics
> >> XFree86
> >> 
> >> It might help.

For some reason I had categories pictured in a whole different light.  At some 
time long ago categories were mentioned in terms of such items as shell's, 
emulators, editors....  And while this does not lend itself well to all 
packages that was the light that I was thinking of categories in. 

I also agree with the above but see the above as more of a broader category 
(let's call it installation method - ie are you installing just the core, a 
workstation, a server, development system) - this is something I see as 
selectable from a installation method dialog whereas categories are let's go 
select a shell, let's go select an editor and so on.

Then later on as we implement dependencies then you have - sorry you cannot 
install that emulator without this shell or whatever.

Just my $.02 cents worth.  

On a side note as well I tried to try the dependecies logic using an update 
from cvs and Roberts sample setup.ini - I don't see anything different - where 
is the categories.


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