hierarchy in setup (category stuff)

Robert Collins robert.collins@itdomain.com.au
Fri Jun 29 18:42:00 GMT 2001

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From: "Christopher Faylor" <cgf@redhat.com>

> >> >> Robert, if you are still interested, then I think that this is
> >definitely the
> >> >> way to go.  If you have something worth checking in, then please do
> >
> >I'll draw up change log stuff and send something to cygwin-patches... or
> >you want me to hit CVS directly?
> Go ahead and check it in.  We can tweak it later.


> I was just thinking of using the directories as an organizational method
> for the packages on sourceware.  The alternative is to somehow get the
> information into the setup.hint file there or to add some other file to
> the directory.  That's a lot of work and it's error-prone.  I can easily
> foresee erroneously having a Development and a Devlopment (misspelled)
> category if we do this on a per-package basis.

I'm in favour of having that data in the package file itself, and a scanning
tool that buils setup.ini. This is useful for home users as well, and allows
a semi-automated "package verification" so that you don't have to check for
Devlopment. I don't think I'll have time to address that just yet :], but it
is a standard mechanism for .deb, .rpm, and .pkg files..

> As far as the layout on the user's side, I don't really care, except
> that we could almost forgo setup.ini completely and just rely on the
> directory layout for "Install From Current Directory".
> The next thing we have to do is add descriptions.  That will involve
> another chooser change.

pick_line:: paint and the package_headers global are all that needs
modification for a bare bones "add description column after the package name


> cgf

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