Robert Collins
Fri Apr 19 15:23:00 GMT 2002

	I'm confused. You have, on a fairly often basis, lamented the
fact that no-one other than you and Corinna seems to take responsibility
for reviewing cygwin patches and changes. You seem to be indicating that
you want more input into cygwin. Yet when I do just that, on a patch
that is certainly not harmful (while maybe not optimal). I didn't
realise I was overstepping boundaries when I checked it in, so I'd
appreciate it if you could restate those so I don't do so in future.

>If one of the functions is obsolete, it should be deleted.  That means
>that the patch does *not* look good.  It needs to be reviewed.

Fine, back it out (as you did). That's not a big deal. Just to be clear:
I'm not upset that the patch was reverted, simply confused.


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