PostgreSQL and CVS DLL

Jason Tishler
Wed Jan 9 08:57:00 GMT 2002


On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 11:39:56AM -0500, Norman Vine wrote:
> OK -- using snapshots from
> postgres runs fine using snapshot DLL dated 20011231
> crashes for me with all DLL's dated 20020104 and later
> I have a locally built DLL 20020103 that also crashes

Please try to determine what specific Cygwin change is causing the
postmaster problem.  Since the date range is small, searching cygwin-cvs
should not take too long.

> In an attempt to see if this was just an introduced 'incompatability'
> with previous cygwin dlls I tried building postgres from scratch
> with todays Cygwin CVS files
> make check failed for me with < failed to createdb >  
> This could be do to local error however as I am not all that
> familiar with the postgres build 
> < I used script from Cygwin postgres distribution >

See attached for how to fix the above make check problem.  I normal would
use an URL, but the PostgreSQL archvies are "under construction" right
now.  Please read the README regarding other known make check problems.

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