Positive and negative results with cygserver.exe

Robert Collins robert.collins@itdomain.com.au
Mon Jan 14 07:58:00 GMT 2002

  Would you like more review? Specific things other than behaviour w/o
the server running?

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From: "Gary R. Van Sickle" <g.r.vansickle@worldnet.att.net>

> Running cygserver in a straight cmd window and "bash --login -i" in
another, I
> reran the build of the cygwin tree.  Everything worked the same as it
did with
> 1.3.6-6 (i.e. successfully except for the install-bin issue, which I
assume is a
> branches-out-of-sync issue).  Millions of "."s from cygserver,
indicating that
> it was in fact getting hit.
> Also ran without cygserver running but with the new cygwin1.dll.
> worked again.  Noticed no speed difference:
> With cygserver running:
> real    40m2.384s
> user    17m20.654s
> sys     12m26.704s
> Without:
> real    42m31.088s
> user    17m17.047s
> sys     12m13.288s
> These times are comparable to what I was seeing with 1.3.6-6.

Do you have CYGWIN=tty?


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