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Robert Collins robert.collins@itdomain.com.au
Tue Jan 29 01:47:00 GMT 2002

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Subject: RE: Daemon reviewer

> [1] Could you maybe just email me the fricken binaries and/or put them
> somewhere so I don't have to hit the Cygwin CVS server another few
hundred times
> before I get slot A to fit into tab B here?  I'm just not getting the
> cygwin_daemon branch to build now no matter what I do.  If it ain't a
> definition of `tzset'" its a dozen other damn things....

That's likely a newlib-cygwin misfit (hur,hur).

Make sure that
1) the newlib/CVS/TAG file is empty or missing. if it's not, cd there
and do
cvs -z3 update -PdAkkv.
check that my key_t size change is still in your sandbox.
(My bet is that this is your problem).
2) the winsup/CVS/TAG file is empty or missing. if not, repeat above
(after saving any in-progress changes to diffs. If you do do this step,
be sure cd into the cygwin dir, and
cvs -z3 update -PdAkkv -r cygwin_daemon

The cause for this is simple: I branched the daemon too high up
initially, and have since only been updating the cygwin directory

FWIW I just built the .dll and am forwarding you private mail with the
.dll and cygserver.exe


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