TCP problems

Pierre A. Humblet
Mon Jul 29 12:52:00 GMT 2002

Conrad Scott wrote:

> > > It's a really simple server: blocking accept,
> > > read/write on the new file descriptor, then shutdown/close it
> and
> > > back to a blocking accept.  And it still hits the WASENOBUFS
> wall
> > > eventually (altho' it can be delayed by registry patches to
> > > increase various TCP parameters).
> >
> > How long/how many accepts (more or less) is "eventually".
> On my lovely little win98/SE box: one hundred connections minus a
> few.

On my Win98 the exim mail server accepts hundreds of connections
(over hours, days and weeks) without problems....
One hundred is about the default max # simultaneous tcp connections.
Does netstat -an show them, e.g. in TIME_WAIT?
If they happen in a short time (minutes) you may be hitting the
default linger timeout. Have you tried setting linger ON with a 0

> Nicholas Wourms (my (un)willing test accomplice) reported "~3
> minutes" of run time before hitting the same error: so he's
> getting a thousand or so (?) connections by the sounds of it.

Win98 or ME? If it's ME that reminds of the Xserver problem
we had a year ago.


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