Newest cygwin snapshot has /proc/<pid>/cmdline

Sergey Okhapkin
Mon Nov 4 14:27:00 GMT 2002

Try to start "nice make" in one console and "top" in another one. Everything
freezes and "top" consumes all the CPU time:-( I think the problem is in the
following loop in _pinfo::commune_send():

  while ((isalive = alive ()))
    if (myself->hello_pid <= 0)
      Sleep (0);

Changing Sleep(0) to Sleep(10) helps a little bit, but that's not a

Sergey Okhapkin
Somerset, NJ
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From: "Christopher Faylor" <>
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Sent: Sunday, November 03, 2002 8:14 PM
Subject: Newest cygwin snapshot has /proc/<pid>/cmdline

> The newest version of cygwin implements the promised
> /proc/<pid>/cmdline file.  I hope it is similar to UNIX.
> I was surprised to see that procps used this automatically once it
> was implemented.  This was a nice test that I got things at least
> half-way right.
> FYI,
> cgf

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