Fwd: Re: later w32api package required to build cygwin

David Starks-Browning starksb@ebi.ac.uk
Thu Nov 14 14:08:00 GMT 2002

On Thursday 14 Nov 02, Nicholas Wourms writes:
> Nicholas Wourms wrote:
> > 
> > IIRC, the new gcc has started to ignore system directory overrides (in 
> > addition to barfing out that stupid message).  Using -isystem instead of 
> > -I for including the local w32api dir might be the solution here, 
> > although I was just lazy and copied the header over to the system dir.
> After investigating a few minutes, I found that in 
> Makefile.common changing:
> w32api_include:=-I$(w32api_source)/include
> to
> w32api_include:=-isystem $(w32api_source)/include

No, something else is going on.

In fact, the right "-isystem $(w32api_source)/include" appears in the
c++ command line, by virtue of the FLAGS_FOR_TARGET definition in

However, the c++ front-end also feeds "-isystem /usr/include/w32api"
to cc1plus.exe, before the cvs one in the Makeile.  This screws us up.

Is this coming from the specs file?  If "-isystem /usr/include/w32api"
has to be there (because gcc won't ever find it otherwise?), then a
workaround for building Cygwin is to replace -isystem with -I in
FLAGS_FOR_TARGET.  At least, I think that will work.  I'll try it now.


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